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Ya Gotta Love High School

Ten years ago Branndon Wade revealed the existence of supernatural beings. The end result was total and utter chaos. In an attempt to end the violence the leaders of the world, both human and non, decided to create special schools for the supernaturals. The chosen few allowed to go to these schools carried the hopes of their people. The fate of their races rests on their shoulders....God have mercy. Warning: Contains Violence, Language, Same gender relationships, Different gender relationships, Inter-racial relationships, Bad grammar, Crappy spelling, Art inconsistencies, Over use of chibis, Mimes, Zombie Violence, and the eventual destruction of a particularly evil plate of lasagna.


Howdy Ya'll

So I finally got around to posting my crap here!! XD This is rather exciting. I just hope I can figure out why my profile says I haven't posted anything. T___T

posted by Shisaru-Chan @ July 26th, 2010, 12:24 pm  -  0 comments

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